My name is Tanya. My fitness Journey with coach Ruben started in April 2020. I was so determined to drop the weight and get serious about fitness, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but with coach Ruben he always made sure to assure me that it is possible for me to drop weight and that I can do this. After a month in my training I started to notice my body weight drop, especially in my mid-section I also noticed I became more alert and had so much energy I didn’t feel sluggish as I used to.

Today I’m a healthy 122lbs from 141lbs I couldn’t have done it without coach Ruben’s training, I also recently canceled my gym membership. I figure why have a membership when I have the Best well educated skilled trainer that continues to challenge and push me to my limits.


Coach Ruben has transformed my life and the lives of three generations of my family. He started training my Husband 7 years ago. My husband’s strength, weight loss and over all health has improved by leaps a bounds. After three years or so of training my husband I decided to join the fun. I’ve been training with Coach Ruben and my husband for 4 years and my immune system has vastly improved. I used to get upper respiratory infections at least once a quarter but now I haven’t had one in years. My strength and agility are off the charts. I love the boxing. It is great for stress management and has given me cat like reflexes at age 55. I have several joint challenges and back issues and he knows how to adjust my workouts to accommodate my needs to avoid injuries. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes as well.

We now train with Coach  Ruben 3 times a week in our own backyard. To top it off, our 21 year old son has now joined us and trains with us with Coach Ruben. Our son reached most of his fitness goals straight away. In addition, thanks to Coach Ruben’s innovative thinking, he also trains my 86 year old Father via zoom 3 times a week and my Father’ health and balance and weight is greatly improved. I cannot say enough about how Coach Ruben and his individualized workouts have improved the quality of my life and the lives of my family. Thank you Coach Ruben!

Paula F.